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Dear Friends,

Cryptodalz Land is a collection of 234 unique NFTs hand-drawn by friends of the 90's (RDK & AK). These dalz are currently running in solana blockchain. We created this NFT for our loyal and friendly dogs… They make our life beautiful we proudly introduce this to you folks… We (90's land) are looking for support from you guys...


In this growing NFT space, we will give importance to community growth through social media like Twitter & Telegram. We will give surprise giveaways for our community - Regards, we will post updates on our social media pages.


We are thrilled to announce that we are going to do a giveaway as a 234 full collection of 002 NFTs for our Dalz NFT holders. Holders can do whatever they wish to do with it.


That is not only the thing, It will be used as a discount ticket for our upcoming NFT 003 land collection. We will give this 1 ticket per wallet. And also we will be conducting a surprise giveaway to our community friends. We separated the giveaway into two categories, please feel free to read the given information.

Giveaway for 2 NFT holders:

Friends who buy 2 or more NFT Dalz need to hold at least 60 days to obtain 1 free NFT giveaway from 003 land collection.

Giveaway for 1 NFT holders:

Folks who buy 1 NFT Dalz need to hold at least 30 days to get a free 1 NFT giveaway from the 002 land collection, This is also considered as a discount ticket for the 003 land collection to buy for less price per NFT.

Road Map

Public Mint is Live

Future Plan

Once we meet our 33.33% sales

1) We will head start our 003 land collection.
2) And will be announcing our giveaway 002 land collections sneak peek NFT.



After 66.66% sales are met

1) we will conduct a surprise giveaway for NFT holders & Community Members,
2) Also we will announce the NFT collection 003 sneak peek.



Once we sell out 99.99% (100%)

1) We will announce the winner list for our free NFT 003 land collections which holds 2 NFT Dalz in the same active wallet.
2) And we are eager to list our full 002 giveaway land collections that hold 1 NFT Dalz. We will update our social links within 40 days from the time of 100% sale. (For more details please read the giveaway section\ Else please reach us through social links. Please don’t spam)



Public: 0.6 SOL per Cryptodalz

Full IP rights to holders and they can use it for commercial purposes or for whatever they want!

We recommend Phantom wallet for smooth Minting but you can also use Sollet, Solflare, and Slope. If you don’t have it, you can create one here:

We prefer Solana because of its efficiency in transactions.

You can buy your Cryptodalz Land in Solsea Marketplace:

No, it’s only direct public sale.

Let’s be honest like they say “Nothing is guaranteed in life except death and taxes”. Consider NFTs like investing in stocks. The stock price can rise a lot, double, triple, and even increase 10x in price. Or they can drop to zero if the company doesn’t do so well in the future. Use your discretion, the usual common sense, and invest only what you can afford to lose.

Yes, of course, Our NFTs have full compatibility with solsea and solanart along with other platforms and NFT wallets. You can sell your NFTs at any time or hold them while expecting the value to grow over time.

Please feel free to reach us directly in our social links, we will explain.

Our Team

Aravind @Streakbeast

(NFT Marketing Strategist)

Since 2018, I gathered cryptocurrency knowledge and too crazy in NFT and Block chain.

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Dinesh Kumar @RDK

(Main Artist)

Since 2013, I developed 2D hand sketch and also interest about Drawing Art world.

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Kalaiselvan @AK


Since 2016, I developed 2D and 3D modelling in Automobile and basic knowledge of crypto world and NFT design.

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Wallet address: BEP 20




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